Our team


Dilip Panchal
Founder, CEO

Dilip is a dynamic leader, with a smiling face, who loves to take charge of processes and execution. He guides the team towards a speedy and effective delivery. He loves challenges and finds solutions to every problem that comes along.

Our Executive Team

Shrikant Ghorade
Sr Project Manager

Shrikant loves to work on field. He specially ensures and personally intervenes towards timely delivery. His designing and coordinating skills ensure finely crafted solutions. He ensures every query is solved satisfactorily

Mayank Panchal
Project Manager

Mayank is amazing in the domain of Engineering Designing, and takes special interests in Layout designing. He effectively communicates with the clients and the factory so as to ensure desired results and on time performance

Archana Mane
Administrative Manager

Archana takes care of entire office operations, she attends calls from clients, resolves their queries, and all communications with clients and vendors.

Arti Kamble
Finance Manager

Arti loves numbers. She provides and interprets all financial information, taxes, market trends. She is responsible and takes care of financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems.

Abhay Shilwant
Office Assistant

Abhay is incharge of filing, taking inventory, keeping records and sorting checks. He also coordinates with workforce and communications with clients and vendors.